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List of Very Satisfactory Persons



With apologies to George Jacob Holyoake, 2Realms.com presents our own "List of Very Satisfactory Persons".


The links given here point to the work of people and organizations that we find satisfactory, sometimes very. When we find time, we shall work on the other list.  We might find ourselves on it, along with Holyoake.

To see the complete list, select the "all" button to the left.  Otherwise sort by alphabet or use the "filter" field below.


 Now we see a party arise so virtuous, philosophic and impartial that no party suits their fastidious taste, and they will have nothing to do with Liberals or Tories. When they speak, Liberals are referred to as very unsatisfactory persons, but no objections are made to Tories.  The reticence is still instructive.

-George Jacob Holyoake, Bygones Worth Remembering


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