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Spam "Spoofing" ("Sender Address Forgery") abuse of our domain name; Setting up SPF records

by Editor for 2Realms.com last modified 2007-04-14 01:57

On February 24th, 2Realms.com became aware of "spoofing", or "sender address forgery", which fraudulently uses our domain name. We hope to take action on this as soon as possible.

On February 24th, we became aware of "sender address forgery", or "spoofing" abuse of our domain name, 2Realms.com.

(Please see http://www.2Realms.com/nfo/stopspamwithspf for the most recent information, help with email addresses, etc.)

We are in the process of making this more difficult by using "SPF" (or "Sender Policy Framework") to ensure that other servers compliant with SPF "Hard Fail" messages from spammers attempting to use our domain name for sender address forgery.  While we cannot affect or stop spam or other abusive messages from other sources, we can do something to slow it down, at least among the servers that have implemented SPF.  We hope to have this in place by February 27th.

Our acceptable use policy explicitly prohibits using this "domain name, website or its contents in any way to facilitate or send abusive or unsolicited bulk email ("spam")."

For more information on SPF, please see: www.openspf.org.

If you wish to contact the editor and site administrator, please feel free to use the "contact" tab at the top of the page.

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