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Information on this web site, our philosophy, and plans for the future.

2realms.com takes its name from the Lutheran doctrine of the Two Realms, or Two Kingdoms. Put simply, this is the belief that God is the creator of two realms, and the Christian is a citizen and inhabitant of both. Depending on who is doing the explaining, these two realms are called, variously, the eternal and the temporal, the world and the church, the sacred and the secular. Sometimes they are described as God's two different modes, or ways, of governing one world, or two different regimes or governments. However they are described, the two realms are an answer to a question posed not just by Luther or those who call themselves Lutherans, but also by other Christians and non-Christians alike. Saint Augustine's famous answer is found, in part, in his great work The City of God, which describes two cities, the earthly and the heavenly. And it goes without saying that this answer also has its critics and detractors. Some see it as a surrender to the actual powers and rulers of this world by Christians who should know better. Others see it as an explanation and excuse for why the world is no better than it is. And, it should be noted in 2004, there are large parts of the Islamic world that consider the Two Realms a precursor to the western world's division into the two different authorities of Church and State, and hence the decline and corruption of the west itself.

Needless to say, we believe the concept and the belief of the Two Realms is not just true, but an accurate description of the state of the world, and a powerful tool capable of bringing great clarity. Our tagline - The Christian, the Church and the World from a Lutheran Perspective - is a very ambitious way of saying that with the right lens, everything can come into focus. It is, in fact, far too ambitious, but we hope to be able to make a contribution, especially on matters where there is far too much confusion and distortion. We also hope to echo and applaud when other people have it right, and to prod, encourage and engage our own people - be they Lutherans, Christians, or Americans in general - when we think they have it wrong.

The articles here are described as opinion, commentary, news, articles and analysis. This site does not speak for any particular Church or group of Lutherans, though the Lutheran perspective given here could be described as conservative and confessional, adhering to the historic doctrine and practice of Lutheranism as given in the Bible and expressed in the Book of Concord of 1580. This means that many of the articles here will pertain to specific Lutheran Churches, especially those in North America. But we will also try to deal with topics that interest us pertaining to other Christians, and to engage with other religions and the greater society and world. Only time will tell if we are successful.

Regardless of your own faith and convictions (religious, political or otherwise) please consider sending us an email if you have constructive ideas about what we can do better. We probably will not be able to respond to most emails, and for that we apologize in advance. The faq (Frequently Asked Questions) page and Acceptable Use Policy describes our policies regarding email. If you aren't offended by our (probable) lack of response, please see the contact article for our email address.

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